CW Club RBN Spotter changelog

03-Oct-2018Updated all memberships lists
14-Sep-2018Internet connectivity issues ongoing (although sometimes the original link may be up again...); configured alternative internet link
07-Sep-2018Internet connectivity issues started :-(
01-Sep-2018Updated all memberships lists
23-Aug-2018Fixed updating CWops membership list
19-Aug-2018Updated all memberships lists
04-Jul-2018Updated all memberships lists
01-Jun-2018Updated all memberships lists
02-May-2018Updated all memberships lists
06-Apr-2018Updated all memberships lists
05-Mar-2018Updated all memberships lists
02-Feb-2018Updated all memberships lists
10-Jan-2018Updated all memberships lists
27-Dec-2017Updated all memberships lists
04-Oct-2017Updated all memberships lists
01-Sep-2017Updated all memberships lists
16-Jul-2017Updated all memberships lists; Next update will be early September
12-Apr-2017Updated all memberships lists; Removed R6AF from being listed (at his request)
7-Mar-2017Updated all memberships lists
14-Jan-2017Updated all memberships lists
04-Jan-2017Restarted server - sorry for the downtime over the last few days, people...
06-Nov-2016Updated all memberships lists
14-Oct-2016Updated all memberships lists
30-Sep-2016Several programme changes; updated all memberships lists
17-Sep-2016Updated memberships lists
01-Jul-2016Updated memberships lists
03-May-2016Updated memberships lists
25-Apr-2016Updated memberships lists
14-Mar-2016Updated memberships lists
09-Jan-2016Updated memberships list for xHSC clubs
05-Jan-2016Updated memberships list for all clubs
04-Nov-2015Updated memberships list for all clubs
01-Oct-2015Updated memberships list for all clubs
07-Sep-2015Updated memberships list for all clubs
04-Jun-2015Updated memberships list for all clubs
23-Mar-2015Updated memberships list for xHSC clubs
09-Mar-2015Updated memberships list for xHSC clubs
06-Mar-2015Updated memberships list for all clubs
11-Jan-2015Added support for 60 meters
08-Jan-2015Updated memberships list for all clubs
08-Jan-2015Updated memberships list for all clubs
31-Oct-2014Updated memberships list for all clubs
11-Sep-2014Updated FOC memberships list so it recognizes alternate call signs too
10-Sep-2014Updated memberships list for all clubs
02-Jul-2014Updated memberships list for all clubs. Next update will be in September
19-Jun-2014Updated memberships list for FISTS
07-May-2014Now alternates between spot sources and automatically
06-May-2014Updated memberships lists for all clubs except FISTS (no new memberships list available for FISTS yet)
18-Mar-2014Updated memberships list for FOC
17-Feb-2014Updated memberships lists for all clubs except FISTS (no new memberships list available for FISTS yet)
04-Feb-2014Moved from spot source to as the former is often down nowadays
15-Jan-2014Remember the 'show/hide filter' setting between sessions
11-Dec-2013Changes because telnet server changed from DX Spider to AR Cluster spot format
05-Dec-2013Added 'self-spots' feature
01-Dec-2013Bug fix: when filtering on HSC members, members of VHSC/SHSC/EHSC but not of HSC would be shown
12-Nov-2013Added 'hide filter' option to the filter section of the page
23-Oct-2013Fixed FISTS memberships list
03-Oct-2013Updated FOC memberships list
09-Sep-2013Updated SKCC memberships list and tidied up the others (removed dupes)
30-Aug-2013Updated all memberships lists except SKCC (will do SKCC within a couple of days...)
17-Aug-2013Application is stable; no longer 'experimental'. Moved application from port 1161 to the more common port 80
19-Jun-2013Application will now be started after server reboot, so can run unattended
14-Jun-2013Removed console.log (doesn't work on IE8/IE9)
12-Jun-2013Moved info to separate page; added counter displaying # users on info page
12-Jun-2013Added table sort on all columns; added call sign filter
10-Jun-2013Filtered out non-CW spots (RTTY, PSK...)
03-Jun-2013Fixes for IE8/IE9 (X-UA-Compatible and onchange->onclick)
14-May-2013Changed bandmap-view.php to bandmap.html etc, added sequence number in call to PHP program
13-May-2013Added Google Analytics
13-May-2013Added configurable max spot age
07-May-2013Added Set all / clear all buttons
07-May-2013Added lowest-highest WPM listing
05-May-2013Added VHSC, SHSC, EHSC
05-May-2013Added band filter
04-May-2013Fixed setting of cookies, fixed race condition regarding 'onload'
04-May-2013Added cookies, SKCC, updated layout, changelog. More speed options
02-May-2013Split source code into view and model
01-May-2013Added speed filtering
30-Apr-2013Added FISTS
26-Apr-2013First version by Frank, PA4N. Support for CWops and HSC added
12-Jan-2013Original version for FOC, by Fabian, DJ1YFK

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